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Our new selection of PatentWear designs offers everyone a unique opportunity to turn back the clock and “slip into a little bit of history.”
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All Products
57 Chevy T-Shirt
57 Chevy Zip Hoodie
Avocado Ladies T-Shirt
Avocado T-Shirt
Avocado Zip Hoodie
Ball & Glove T-Shirt
Ball & Glove Zip Hoodie
Baseball MS|Color T-Shirt
Baseball MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Baseball MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Baseball MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Basketball T-Shirt
Basketball Zip Hoodie
Bicycles MS|Color T-Shirt
Bicycles MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Bicycles MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Bicycles MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Blake Paddle Board T-Shirt
Blake Paddle Board Zip Hoodie
Boxing Glove T-Shirt
Boxing Glove Zip Hoodie
Browning Auto-5 T-Shirt
Browning Auto-5 Zip Hoodie
Browning Model 1911 T-Shirt
Browning Model 1911 Zip Hoodie
Cam 101 Ladies T-Shirt
Cam 101 T-Shirt
Cam 101 Zip Hoodie
Cam C4 Ladies T-Shirt
Cam C4 T-Shirt
Cam C4 Zip Hoodie
Christianson Cam T-Shirt
Christianson Cam Zip Hoodie
Churchill Fins T-Shirt
Churchill Fins Zip Hoodie
Colt Revolver T-Shirt
Colt Revolver Zip Hoodie
Corkscrew MS|Color T-Shirt
Corkscrew MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Corkscrew MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Corkscrew MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Corkscrew-BIG T-Shirt
Corkscrew-BIG Zip Hoodie
Corkscrew-Strait T-Shirt
Corkscrew-Strait Zip Hoodie
Cousteau Aqualung T-Shirt
Cousteau Aqualung Zip Hoodie
da Vinci Flight T-Shirt
Derailleur-Campagnolo T-Shirt
Derailleur-Campagnolo Zip Hoodie
Diesel Engine T-Shirt
Diesel Engine Zip Hoodie
Edison Bulb T-Shirt
Edison Bulb Zip Hoodie
Electric Guitars MS|Color T-Shirt
Electric Guitars MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Electric Guitars MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Electric Guitars MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Fleming Vacuum Tube T-Shirt
Fleming Vacuum Tube Zip Hoodie
Fly Fishing Flies MS|Color T-Shirt
Fly Fishing Flies MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Fly Fishing Flies MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Fly Fishing Flies MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Fly Reels MS|Color T-Shirt
Fly Reels MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Fly Reels MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Fly Reels MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Flying Disc T-Shirt
Flying Disc Zip Hoodie
Flying Machine T-Shirt
Flying Machine Zip Hoodie
Footbag T-Shirt
Footbag Zip Hoodie
Football MS|Color T-Shirt
Football MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Football MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Football MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Football Solo T-Shirt
Football Solo Zip Hoodie
Frisbie MS|Color T-Shirt
Frisbie MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Frisbie MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Frisbie MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Gardening MS|Color T-Shirt
Gardening MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Gardening MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Gardening MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
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Golf MS|Color T-Shirt
Golf MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Golf MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Golf MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Guitar Solo T-Shirt
Guitar Solo Zip Hoodie
Guitar Sunburst T-Shirt
Guitar Sunburst Zip Hoodie
Guitar Sunburst Zip Hoodie
Harmonica T-Shirt
Harmonica Zip Hoodie
Herreshoff Catamaran T-Shirt
Herreshoff Catamaran Zip Hoodie
Hex Chock Ladies T-Shirt
Hex Chock T-Shirt
Hex Chock Zip Hoodie
Hobie Catamaran T-Shirt
Hobie Catamaran Zip Hoodie
Hookah T-Shirt
Hookah Zip Hoodie
Jardine Cam T-Shirt
Jardine Cam Zip Hoodie
Jenny JN-4 T-Shirt
Jenny JN-4 Zip Hoodie
Leash T-Shirt
Leash Zip Hoodie
Lilienthal Glider T-Shirt
Lilienthal Glider Zip Hoodie
Lipstick Ladies T-Shirt
LSD T-Shirt
LSD Zip Hoodie
Lures MS|Color T-Shirt
Lures MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Lures MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Lures MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Magic Cube T-Shirt
Magic Cube Zip Hoodie
Microchip T-Shirt
Microchip Zip Hoodie
P-38 Lightning T-Shirt
P-38 Lightning Zip Hoodie
P-40 Warhawk T-Shirt
P-40 Warhawk Zip Hoodie
P-47 Thunderbolt T-Shirt
P-47 Thunderbolt Zip Hoodie
P-51 Mustang T-Shirt
P-51 Mustang Zip Hoodie
Pineapple Ukulele
Pineapple Ukulele Zip Hoodie
Pocket Multi-Tool T-Shirt
Pocket Multi-Tool Zip Hoodie
Porsche 356 T-Shirt
Porsche 356 Zip Hoodie
Reels MS|Color T-Shirt
Reels MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Reels MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Reels MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Saddle T-Shirt
Saddle Zip Hoodie
Sax Solo T-Shirt
Sax Solo Zip Hoodie
Saxophones MS|Color T-Shirt
Saxophones MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Saxophones MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Saxophones MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Schwinn Fat Tire T-Shirt
Schwinn Fat Tire Zip Hoodie
Sextant T-Shirt
Sextant Zip Hoodie
Skateboard-Kicktail T-Shirt
Skateboard-Kicktail Zip Hoodie
Skateboard-Wheels T-Shirt
Skateboard-Wheels Zip Hoodie
Spinnaker T-Shirt
Spinnaker Zip Hoodie
Stearman Kaydet T-Shirt
Stearman Kaydet Zip Hoodie
Sub Scout T-Shirt
Sub Scout Zip Hoodie
Surfboard-Kelly T-Shirt
Surfboard-Kelly Zip Hoodie
Surfboard-Swallow Tail T-Shirt
Surfboard-Swallow Tail Zip Hoodie
Tea Kettle Ladies T-Shirt
Tennis-Harris T-shirt
Tennis-Harris Zip Hoodie
Tennis-Lacoste T-Shirt
Tennis-Lacoste Zip Hoodie
Tools MS|Color T-Shirt
Tools MS|Color Zip Hoodie
Tools MS|Lineart T-Shirt
Tools MS|Lineart Zip Hoodie
Transistor T-Shirt
Transistor Zip Hoodie
Vee Dub Bug T-Shirt
Vee Dub Bug Zip Hoodie
Velocipede T-Shirt
Wasp (Vespa) T-Shirt
Wasp (Vespa) Zip Hoodie
Water Can Ladies T-Shirt
William S. Harley T-Shirt
William S. Harley Zip Hoodie
Winch Blowup T-Shirt
Winch Blowup Zip Hoodie
Winch Solo T-Shirt
Winch Solo Zip Hoodie
Winchester 1894 T-Shirt
Winchester 1894 Zip Hoodie
Woody43 T-Shirt
Woody43 Zip Hoodie

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